Ever had a stone in your shoe?

Sometimes we walk along for an even a day with a stone in our shoe, digging into our heels, occasionally shifting along to bother a different part of the foot, before moving back to press on the original spot.

Annoying isn't it? But for some reason, we keep walking. It’s bothers us, but for some reason we keep going.

All we need to do is stop for a moment, take it off and tap it out. It’s a 10 second job and afterwards we will feel so much more comfortable.

So why don’t we do it? Why do we keep walking? Is it the hassle? Is it the feeling it will slow us down? Is it that the discomfort of the stone is outweighed by the bother of removing it? How uncomfortable does it have to get? Some of these little suckers are sharp!

All we need to is stop for moment. Get rid of the stone, then notice how much more comfortable it feels.

Wherever you're headed and regardless of whether you ever get there or not, your journey will be so much more enjoyable when the stones are gone.

What stones do you need to remove?

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