Do Ponies Bite?

Updated: Jul 7

Stand by for my favourite sentence of 2022 so far:

Whilst touring a coffee finka (farm) in the coffee triangle of deepest Colombia, Moccachino, the bitey chocolate dwarf pony liked Danny's ass so much, he buried his face in and it almost lifted him up. All morning, the owners had been policing Moccachino. Apparently he's become a bit bitey in recent weeks and when the mood takes him he charges towards people and starts chomping at whatever body part is closest. Yes he's chocolate coloured. Yes he's a pony and yes he's tiny.

Here is the moment when he spotted Danny, innocently chatting to us all and oblivious of what was about to happen. Target

Here is the moment seconds later when he went for it. Pay close attention to the wistful look in his eye. The pointing hand belongs to Fabi who was less than helpful in warning his best friend:

Thanks to Danny, Moccachino and the English language for today's post and apologies to anyone that arrived here looking for inspiration, information and personal development. Sometimes a sentence is worth typing and a story is worth telling.

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