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What do you need to address to achieve the best possible impact?

Unshakeable Self Belief

All eyes are on you. Maintaining your confidence and self-belief while facing challenges you've never faced before whilst in the spotlight of colleagues, your Board, shareholders, clients and customers, stakeholders, supply chain and the media. 


Expert Communicator

What's the use of a brilliant strategy but if you can't communicate it effectively your ability to deliver will be frustrated. I can help you develop your pitching, presenting, influence, charisma and presence to help you accelerate your impact while developing trusting relationships with your key players. 


Decisions that matter

How can you develop and execute a strategy that will deliver the impact you want? What decisions do you need to make and in what order do they occur? Tap into your instinct to deliver the impact you 


Delegation, Facilitation and Collaboration

What is the role of a leader? My favourite answer to that question is to make more leaders. Facilitation and collaborative capability are two essential skills for the toolkit of an effective senior leader in this chaotic world we are operating in.

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Simon is CEO and co-founder of the Rebel School, a purpose driven organisation delivering social impact in 7 countries.

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