"I honestly don't know how I would have coped with the transition if we'd not been working together, so the impact has been huge."
Robert K, CEO

Simon Paine

What do you want to have happen?

This is the kind of question to expect if were to work together. We waste so much time hunting for answers but nowhere near enough time either asking the right questions, or creating the conditions to explore them properly.

I can help you:

  • Figure out what you really want to do with your life

  • Live a happier, calmer and more nourishing life at peace with yourself

  • Get alignment with your true purpose

  • Navigate the path around, over and through the things holding you back

  • Maximise your impact in your role, your career and your business

  • Activate greater presence, charisma and impact with the people around you 

  • Explore the opportunities with an experienced coach you can totally trust

  • Get a handle on anxiety and overwhelm, depression and other destructive thought patterns

  • Launch a business

  • Change the world and/or change your world

Or something else..?


What would you love to have happen?


Focused coaching retreat

Focused coaching retreats will happen at the beginning of our work together in the stunning, relaxing and inspiring location of Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire or Hogarth's Solihull (subject to availability).

What's involved?

prep call

This is about getting to know each other, setting course for the desired outcome and the parameters of how we work together.

3 day intensive

We'll spend three days in a retreat setting where you'll experience a series of powerful insights and accelerate towards the outcomes you want. 

1:1 Follow ups

We continue to work together throughout the year in 1:1 calls (approx 1hr long) conducted on Zoom. We'll also stay in touch on WhatsApp between sessions.


You can expect rapid and transformational impact and also the direction of travel may not be the one you expected.

Coaching Methodology 

"If I gave the people what they want I'd have built a faster horse."
Henry Ford

It turns out Henry Ford never actually said this, but you get the idea. The multi million dollar personal development industry is built on the basis of adding thought; we are hooked on the idea of learning how to do something.

How to be happy, start a business, be less anxious, eat healthy, get fit, get the job you want, the relationship you want and so on. Learning new skills can be a good thing for sure, but what if the true happiness you're searching for doesn't exist in any of these places.

So here's the thing. I've done a bunch of coaching courses in business coaching, enterprise coaching and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) but other than the experience, it's not so relevant and I hardly use it. What matters to me more is understanding how you tick and using it as leverage to create the change you want. I'm all about life experience, profound life-changing results and impact (not bits of paper).

Something I saw for myself in 2020 after years of personal development and spending thousands of pounds on coaches, programmes, therapists and books is this. Our wellbeing, our instinct to know what to do next and the wisdom to live the life you really want is already within and is 100% available 24/7 - you just need to be reminded of where to look.

So my coaching style is not giving your more how to's - sure I can help you with the skills, but what's really going to have the biggest impact is something else. Instead of adding thoughts we'll be taking them away. My coaching methodology is about creating the conditions for life transformation by taking away the noise, not adding to it.

I can't wait to chat.

Studio Portrait

Read this first

The cost of investing in a coaching programme with me ranges between £9,995 and £25,995. If working with me is of interest please get in touch. We'll have an initial call where we decide together if we are the right fit.

Still want to book a call?

This is how it works; we'll have a call (that won't cost anything) and together we'll decide if we're a good fit. If we are we'll explore how best to work together to get the result you want. If we're not I may be able to help you find someone who is - I know a bunch of excellent coaches. 

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