I left a ten year successful career in law enforcement in 2003 to live life as a creative entrepreneur and musician. None of it went as planned. 

In that time I've launched businesses, been the campaign director of a national charity and worked with senior leaders from some of the worlds most famous brands.

I set up the Rebel Business School in 2011 (BBC, PBS News, Forbes, ABC News, Daily Telegraph) with my business partner Alan Donegan and together with our brilliant team we are making it possible for anyone to start a business by changing the way entrepreneurship is taught across the World. So far we have projects in FranceMoroccoNew ZealandColombia and across the UK.

Meanwhile I've done this while suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and a bunch of other mental health-related shenanigans. After reading books, attending courses and hiring coaches and therapists I had an insight. Whilst re-discovering my own mental health I caught a glimpse of something that has changed everything. And it’s not a strategy, a hack, a how to, a religion, a cult or a pill and it's as much to do with high performance as wellbeing.

Along the way I've coached, mentored and trained people from all walks of life, including corporate leaders, footballers, entrepreneurs all of whom have one thing in common they want to change something.

So what next? I'm on a mission to change the conversation about mental health from stigmatised and reactive to empowered and proactive. Meanwhile I love creating life-changing shifts in thinking, to help people just like you to create the life, the peace of mind and the happiness they - and you really want.

What do you want to change?